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Apocalypse escape story

During this lockdown, I've created some collage artworks based on pictures of me living in this world I already qualified as apocalyptic. I'm trying to denounce here how technology is killing us as much as a virus in a desktop, becoming the main actors of our own destruction. From different perspectives, you can see that other subliminal topics are involved in these collages like nature destruction, control of the government or even racism against Asian people. I divided these artworks into 8 different phases :

STAGE 0 - Welcome into the matrix

Humans are entering into a new mysterious parallel world.

Stage 0 - Welcome into the Matrix.jpg

STAGE 1 - Drowned by technology

This world is called Technology. Humans are drowning in this digital world. It's slowly destroying and transforming them as a Sims puppet character manipulated by the media.

Stage 1 - Drowned by technology.jpg

STAGE 2 - Robots are leading humans down a path

 Humans are now controlled by robots and are in a quest for always more innovation. They are becoming blind and can't see when and how it will ends.

Stage 2 - Robots leading humans down a p

STAGE 3 - Introducing the virus of Earth

In parallel, Earth is governed by this superior system that can launch new diseases like HIV or Covid-19 in order to regulate the population. Obviously, media is controlled by this hidden entity, and nothing can be proved.

Stage 3 - Introducing the virus on Earth

STAGE 4 - humans eating the virus

Humans are everyday eating this Technology like a virus or GMOs' Monsanto products. 

Stage 4 - Human eating the virus.jpg

STAGE 5 - Virus burning the human

These products are destroying humans from the inside.

Stage 5 - Virus burning the human.jpg

STAGE 6 - A worldwide fight

Humans must fight this virus. Asian people must fight for their image too, destroyed by racism over the world when the pandemic began.

Stage 6 - A worldwide fight.jpg

STAGE 7 - Nature destiny

With this worldwide quarantine, Nature is taking back its rights. But on the long term, we can see that it remains damaged by radioactivity. Nature is and continues to be destroyed by these evil people called Humans.

Stage 7 - Nature destiny.jpg


 In this final stage, Humans are dead and put into a futuristic respiratory machine.

They are trapped in this chaotic Matrix they have created, but it's too late.

Stage 8 - RIP.jpg
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