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Alt tab production
NEW identity, logo & Website

Created in 2011, Alt Tab is the leader in the field of audiovisual production specialized in video games & e-Sports in France. To build their new identity, I designed for them a set of logos and a new UX design website.


Maquette homepage final_page-0001.jpg
Maquette homepage final_page-0002.jpg
Maquette homepage final_page-0003.jpg
Maquette homepage final_page-0004.jpg
Maquette homepage final_page-0005.jpg
Maquette homepage final_page-0006.jpg
Maquette homepage final_page-0007.jpg
Logo final - Horizontal transparent noir.png
Logo final - Totem transparent noir.png
Logo Totem diagonal transparent noir.png
Logo horizontal diagonale transparent noir.png
Charte graphique présentation website.png
Alt Tab carte de visite mockup.jpg
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